Pacific Northwest Cannabis Genetics

  • outdoor cannabis from seed
    OGS is a pacific northwest cannabis seed company. We offer medical-grade cannabis seed varieties for indoors, and that are specifically suited to grow outdoors in more wet, northern climates.
  • babushkas harvesting cannabis garden.
    Babushkas Cavort in Pot Garden For centuries Cannabis has been grown in all parts of the world - even in cold northern Russia.
  • African and Danish genetics unite.
    African and Danish genetics unite -- A super Pacific Northwest outdoor performer.
  • Amnesia Hashplant
    Amnesia Hashplant 75% Sativa and a quick finisher for a Haze with a flowering period of 46-55 days. So loaded with trichomes and resin, it qualifies as a hashplant, but with a fully Sativa UP effect.
  • Mighty Mite x Freezeland - fast outdoor cannabis hybrid
    Mighty Mite x Freezeland - Both parents of this cross represent hardy, outdoor Canadian genetics.
  • Rocket Chunk
    Rocket Chunk - Northern Oregon 8/28/2014.

Welcome to Oregon Green Seed —

a USA Cannabis Seed company located in the Pacific Northwest.

We are a small group of OMMP licensed grower/breeders who specialize in medical-grade cannabis varieties, and cultivars that are resistant and fast-finishing for the Pacific Northwest outdoor grower. We invite you to browse a few of our flagship cannabis varieties currently listed in the seed shop.

Additional marijuana cultivars from Oregon Green Seed’s research, development, and breeding work over the last 3+decades will gradually be listed in the shop over the comingĀ  months.

One thing for sure — there are always several marijuana breeding and development projects underway at Oregon Green Seed.

If you have any questions about Oregon Green Seed cannabis seed varieties or the seed shop in general, please feel free to contact us.

Oregon Green Seed – Featured Cannabis Seed Varieties


Find these cannabis varieties and more in our seed shop.


Out-ot-Stock items will be back IN stock by the end of November 2014 (next month)!