Obsidian is a highly medicinal cultivar that can achieve 2:1 CBD:THC ratio. This makes Obsidian a very useful high-cbd marijuana cultivar for a wide range of medical issues and PAIN.

Obsidian is based on a fast-flowering, CBD-rich Lebanese landrace crossed to our Afhghani/Black Domina hybrid. Then pollinated with Mountain Magic, a stabilized high cbd hemp with no measurable THC.

Genetics: (Lebanese landrace x Afghani/Black Domina) X Mountain Magic

Obsidian gets its name because over 50% of plants develop deep purple to near black coloration of the flowers and often includes the leaves and stems.

Flowering time is centered at approximately 60-65 days.

Outdoors Obsidian is ready to harvest by end September to first week October in Oregon's northern Willamette Valley.  Some specimens could be ready a little earlier.  Its rare for any to go past October 7th.

Buds grow to large spears with some girth, much like the Afghani/Black Domina genetics in the mother. Yet they are fairly resistant to mold late in flower, thanks to the infusion of the Lebanese landrace and genetic traits from the HIGH CBD stabilized ag. hemp father that is Mountain Magic.

Mountain Magic, the father in this high cbd cross, is a stockier stabilized hemp cultivar, and its proven to be an excellent match with the structure and bud quality of the Lebanese x Ahghani/BD mother.

Plants can get quite large as a result of the hemp genes – indoors this will require keeping in check.  Outdoors, with plenty of sun and space, most plants will reach 8-9 feet tall and some will be taller.

Very sticky with resin, high yielding particularly for a medicinal cultivar.  Yield is impressive.  And although not super stinky from a stealth standpoint, the aroma when brushed up against is very pleasant and afghani/black domina/skunkish.

Expect CBD:THC ratio of up to 2:1
CBD/THC in the range of 12-15%/5-10% 

Seeds offered here are regular, and at F3 generation.

Available in packs of 11, 50, 100, and 200 seeds.  Make selection below.



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11 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds, 200 seeds


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