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Mr. Nice G-Widow

G-Widow: G13 x White Widow

G-Widow Genetics:  G13 x Black Widow (potent phenotype of white widow) Indica/Sativa: 60/40 Flowering time: ~ 60 days Yield: quite high, expect 800 gms and UP outdoors. Height: 6 feet and larger outdoors Can be topped and kept in check with tipping and trimming.   We took on this preservation project to bring back an […]

stardawg budding

Wet Dawg

Wet Dawg Genetics: Santiam Skunk x Two Dawgs indica/sativa: 60/40 Flowering: ~ 60-64 days 12/12 Outdoors by end Sept. Height: typically shorter (4.5 – 5.5 feet) and slightly stockier than Santiam Skunk, with an occassional plant that leans toward the mother. How about a little 'Chem' with your Skunk? From a plant that's got a […]

santiam skunk

Forgetful Skunk

Forgetful Skunk Genetics: Santiam Skunk x Amnesia Hashplant indica/sativa: 40/60 Indoor/Outdoor Flowering: about 60 days of 12/12 Outdoor – on or before end Sept. Height: 4-6 feet outdoors – some will go bigger Manageable indoors. Yield: Depending on conditions, an average yield would be around 1.5 – 2 lbs. from a 6-7 foot plant. I […]

amnesia hashplant

Forgetful Jack

Forgetful Jack Genetics: pure Jack Herer x Amnesia Hashplant Potency: 22%THC Indica/Sativa: 80/20 Flowering period: 55-63 days Outdoors: by end Sept. (northern Oregon) a rare specimen may go into 1st week Oct. Yield: well above average. Outdoors with plenty root space, wind, and sun, these can go big. Forgetful Jack brings a second 'Jack Herer' […]

maxwells silver hammer

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Maxwell's Silver Hammer Genetics: Super Silver Haze/Sour Diesel X Amnesia Hashplant Potency: THC 21% Indica/Sativa: 30/70 Flowering period: ~58-63 days of 12/12 Outdoors: by end Sept. (northern Oregon) Although Maxwells Silver Hammer can be done indoors with very good results, outdoors it can outperform indoor potential. Some specimens can go BIG outdoors — 10 feet […]

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