Oregon Green Seed

We’re a small group of OMMP licensed growers who strive to create better medicine.

Less than a handful of growers, OGS is not a big company or corporation.  We do the testing, growing, breeding, harvesting, sorting, counting, packaging, and shipping… ourselves with our own two hands.

With over 30 years of working with the cannabis plant, we offer help and support to our patients and customers.  We strive to provide more than what our patients and customers expect – along with the best cannabis varieties for their needs, and that they could ever hope to grow.

Over a period of years we have been working to develop cannabis varieties that are hardy, robust, and as easy to grow for beginners as for folks who’ve been growing for years.  Yet at the same time, we also breed for above average yields of the highest quality.   We’ve come up with some very special cultivars in both potency and taste – including some fast-finishing cannabis varieties that excel when grown outdoors in the damp Pacific Northwest.

P2190079Our work with the cannabis plant started with old genetics originating in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  Then, over years of fact-finding work – growing, research and testing, and making connections with other growers around the world — Oregon Green Seed has acquired some rare and ancient landrace genetics from various geographical areas.  We use these as breeding tools to infuse desirable traits and added dimension into our lines  – like adding potency, resistance, increased vigor, better structure, flavor, and yield.

For example, by infusing certain landrace and long-worked genetics we sourced from Denmark and Switzerland into some of our breeding projects, we’ve produced plants that are very fast to finish and highly resistant to molds and poor weather,  with increased THC and cannabinoid profiles.

Prized cuttings of Gorilla Grape (Outlaw Genetics), Blue Magoo, Mountain Jam (Chimera/DJ Short collab), Lily Coy (Cush, otherwise known as Green Crack), Snowdog, Hawaiian sativa (Federation),  and others equally as rare are in our stable —  being worked by Oregon Green Seed and producing for OMMP growers.  These are mostly cultivars that have been unavailable in cutting or seed form for many many years. To be able to work with these fine genetics and get them out to our patients and other growers makes it more than worth the time and effort spent to get hold of them and keep them going.

Our breeding and development work with these genetics has allowed us to produce cannabis cultivars that are a northern outdoor grower’s dream – fast finishing, resistant, robust easy growers that offer up above average to HIGH yields of dank and tasty ganga – Ganga that will put a smile on your face and a glide in your stride.

pacific northwest outdoor cannabis plantIf you’ve given up on growing outdoors because your plants either don’t finish in time, or buds mold and rot before you can harvest…  We have some varieties in seed form that will make you a believer in growing outdoors in Oregon (or Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, or anywhere else in the PNW).

Indoor growers, outdoor growers, or growers that do both — you’ll all find something perfect for your garden at Oregon Green Seed.     Give us a try, and together we can help  …

Keep Oregon Green!