2017 – New Year, New Cannabis Varieties

2017 Happy New Year!

Ok, so its a little belated.  But hey, its been busy around this joint.

Instead of shutting down for two weeks as usual at the end of the year, seeds have continued to be shucked and sorted as fast as hands and fingers can work.

You’ll notice a few ‘new to the shop’ varieties recently listed for Oregon Green Seed – namely the Double Diesel, Heavenly Haze, Good Day Sunshine, and She Devil — all are from projects I’ve been developing and working for several years. And if the rate these are flying off the shelves is any indication, OGS customers are appreciating these new varieties to choose from.

You can expect to see more ‘new to the shop’ cultivars over the next few weeks… I anticipate releasing an early skunk (early wonder skunk, f7+),  LSD (lifesaver/sour diesel)/early wonder skunk,  Out of Africa/Amnesia HP, Gorilla Glue #4 cut/Secret Sauce (first step in GG#4 BX project),  and 2-3 others depending on final seed quantity and appearance.

RESTOCK HEADS UP!  Of particular interest to those of you on waiting lists for specific varieties, sometime in the next ten days I will be dropping a very limited number of packs back into inventory of the following:

* Pachyderm Kush – < 11 packs

* Sugar Cookies – < 9 packs

* Iranian Early Flower – < 3-4 packs

I’ll post more on upcoming listings and restocks in about a week.