bags of hemp seed

Big Seed Sale @ Willamette Valley Hemp Seed

I’m blowing out the high-cbd, no measurable thc hemp seed from the previous season’s harvest, and at a 50% price reduction for the most part. The seed from this season’s harvest will soon be coming out of the drying process and I need to make room for it in the shop.

Seed offered in this sale is what’s left in stock from last fall’s harvest. It is germination testing at > 95%, and has been carefully stored in a temp and moisture controlled environment since being carefully cured and dried.

Due to limited stock available with some products, not every cultivar in the shop at WVHS is on sale. But you’ll find over half of all cultivars on sale at significant price markdown right now. And this includes sale pricing on the bulk quantities available with some of the HIGH CBD hemp cultivars.

This is a GREAT opportunity to acquire some rare and elite high-cbd and medicinal genetics at HUGE savings.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve been wanting to have some HIGH CBD genetics or a great CBD:THC ratio variety in your garden this summer, get over to the seed sale at Willamette Valley Hemp Seed before they’re all sold out.