BOG seeds

BOG, the Bushy Old Grower, Comes to OGS Seed Shop.

Ok folks!  BOG Seeds is coming to the shop at Oregon Green Seed.

BOG listings and product information are ready to go live, and Mr. and Mrs. Bog dispatched a fat and lovely package ‘o beans to OGS yesterday.  As soon as the beans arrive, I’ll flip the out-of-stock messages to IN STOCK, and we’re off to the races.

For this first drop, I’ve focused on the top 5 BOG varieties I feel would best suit OGS customers — both indoor and outdoor choices for both experienced and newbie growers.

The BOG varieties that will be in this first seed drop are:

Sour Bubble
Sour Grape
Sour Strawberry

sour bubble dried bud

BOG’s Sour Bubble is VERY popular with the ‘addicted and obsessed’ growers’ crowd ;-), and also with patients suffering with severe and chronic pain. For that reason, the BOGS are sending extra Sour Bubble for this first drop.

A HUGE Gigantic welcome to the Bogs. Very pleased to offer the Bushy Old Grower’s most excellent genetics here at Oregon Green Seed.

Please seed BOG’s Seeds page  for more information.

Doing our part to Keep Oregon Green!