Donkey Kong – Update on availability

Donkey Kong back in stock – New F10 seed.  Read below for details.

donkey kong flowerDonkey Kong is the only cultivar in my line that has not been worked with in terms of crossing with other genetics to change it in any way.  The Donk gives such a wonderful experience to all who use her, a real great taste and potent, lasting stone.  The effect of her medicine needs no improvement.

She’s been acclimatized to the Pacific Northwest, grown outdoors for several decades now. I’ve made fresh seeds every few years.  She is now up to F9 (now F10 with new seed made summer 2014), always selecting parents to represent her range of phenotypes – sativa dominant, indica dominant, and a 50/50 indi/sat.

Many seasoned growers appreciate a range of phenotypes to choose from.  But I realize that there are many many new growers entering the scene, and these people like an easier plant to work with – one phenotype, the same treatment for all plants.  In this regard, Donkey Kong is the least ‘newbie friendly’ variety in the Oregon Green Seed lineup.

The last germination test performed on F9 Donkey Kong seed stock was done last October, 2013.  It resulted in a slightly less than 80% germination rate.  For the germination test, I pulled 50 seeds at random.

There had been a few customers contact me to tell me they had germination issues with the Donk.  Out of literally 100s of packs sold, this is NOT a bad thing.  I would expect this with any variety simply due to differences in grower skills and growing conditions (including seed handling/storage conditions).  In addition, the Donkey Kong has been grown outdoors (and seeds have been made outdoors) here in Oregon for several decades now.   Seeds of outdoor varieties can have rather tough, thick shells and take extra time to crack open.  If not scarified first, it is not unusual for some to take a week or so to crack and send out a tap root.  More experienced growers know that ‘scuffing’ seeds can help even the toughest seed to germinate.    As breeders, we often work with 30-year-old seed stock and get 75% or better germination rates.

I have been planning some breeding projects with Donkey Kong for 2014-2015.  I’ll be isolating her indica phenotype, and her sativa phenotype – putting both into seed form.  And I’ll be making F10s of the original DK (this has been done, summer 2014).  These projects will require I set aside a good number of seeds for selection purposes.   So, with the germination issues with these several year old seeds AND my seed needs for breeding with the Donk, I decided to take Donkey Kong out of the line-up, hence the ‘OUT OF STOCK’ status in the shop the last few months.

Since then,  many many OMMP card holders and past customers have contacted me asking if she is going to return, and WHEN.    So, here’s the deal.

Donkey Kong is now back — offered in packs of 12 regular seeds, for $45. 

The new Donkey Kong seed was just made this summer (2014) the natural way (female pollinated with male) and is now at F10 filial generation.

The folks who know her and love her and must have her in their gardens this year CAN.   I’m releasing about 1000 seeds  of Donkey Kong back into stock.  If you’re one of those who have contacted me wanting her for this outdoor season, take note.

Happy Growing,