End of Year (2016) Restock

seed harvestEnd of Year Restock for 2016

Well, its that time of year again.  And OGS is deep into the thicket of seeded plants and harvesting seed from the summer outdoor grow season.

This year I’ve decided to handle restocking inventory a little differently.  Instead of waiting till mid December to relist ALL new seed stock at once, I’m restocking seed as we work through the seed harvesting process.  Variety by variety.

Varieties harvested first will be listed/relisted as they are ready.

In fact, I’ve updated inventory for 2-3 OGS varieties already.

I’ve just restocked Oregon Grown OG and Willamette Valley Pineapple in the shop two days ago.  Expect more OGS varieties showing back in stock over the coming days.

There will be some ‘new to the shop’ varieties, along with many of the old favorites.  So keep your eyes posted on the shop and here in the ‘News and Updates’ section for more on this year’s final inventory restock.