ETA for Restocking the OGS Seed Shop

gorilla grape bx1Currently the ETA for Restock is sometime between 12/1/2015 – 12/20/2015

I’m getting dozens of emails daily now from previous customers asking when this or that variety will be back in stock.  Add that to even MORE emails from folks just curious about when the entire shop will be restocked…

There’s no way I can reply to everyone personally and still get the stuff done that needs to be done at this time of year.

So I’m going to start posting ‘restock’ updates here (a little earlier this year than last year) to help keep people in the loop, and hopefully take a bit of pressure of the ‘support desk’.

As many of you recall, I did the big restock last year on December 1st.   And another smaller seed restock took place a couple months later, in February.  Even so, some OGS varieties were sold out within two weeks of the December restock.  And three varieties were sold out within 72 hours.

This year, I’m shooting again for December 1st for the big restock.  But in all honesty,  it looks like it will be more towards mid December for the big restock.

The unEnding heat wave we endured this summer in the PNW affected my planned breeding projects for this outdoor season.   Many males selected as parent pollen donors were lost due to the heat.  Half of selected females were toasted as well.   I was able to move a couple other projects into the outdoor rotation, but they got later starts on pollination.  A crazy outdoor season like never before — thus, I really won’t know what varieties I will be restocking until I’ve gotten all seeds harvested, cured, and germ tested.

But I will post more on this as I move along with these projects and we get closer to restock time.

Most varieties/seeded moms won’t be even be harvested for another 45 days or slightly longer.  Once I start shucking seeds, I’ll have a much better idea about actual seed production per variety.

My best advice is to keep an eye on this section of the website – the ‘News and Updates’ section.  I WILL be posting restock updates as I have them, right up to the actual day of restock.

Oregon Green Seed’s customer base has almost tripled since this same time last year.  So, I don’t expect this year to be different than last year in terms of the ‘frenzy’ taking place in the first hours after restock — customers were literally ‘camping out’ at their computers waiting for me to flip the ‘In Stock’ switch for their preferred OGS variety(s).

Again, I suggest that you start checking in ‘News and Updates’ to keep updated on restock ETA, and not miss out on the pack of seed that you want.

Till the next update…

keep Oregon Green!