bags of hemp seed

Fall Seed Drop 2017 – What to Expect and When.

October is in full swing, and we are busy harvesting the last of our seed crops before bad weather. This Fall we have quite a group of new-to-the-shop cultivars, another seed company (soon to be announced) coming to Oregon Green Seed, and more seed coming from long-standing breeding projects finally finished.

One group that I’m particularly excited about is the ‘Ratio’ line. This project is dear to MY heart, because I need this type of ‘medicine’ in my own life to help with headache and other symptoms associated with seizure disorder. The main goals with this line is to produce cultivars that contain enough THC to alleviate pain, and enough CBD to be highly medicinal. Hence, the ‘Ratio Projects’.

Here are the first varieties dropped into the seed shop from the ‘Ratio Line’:

Danish CBD
Lebanese CBD
Gorilla Grape CBD
Magic Jack
Tree of Life CBD
Nepalese CBD

The stabilized, high-cbd hemp we used as the father for most cultivars in the Ratio Line is also new to the shop.

Willamette Hush

To create Willamette Hush, we ran an open-pollination breeding project in collaboration with Willamette Valley Hemp Seed using Mountain Magic, Shaman’s Dance, and Medicine Woman. The result is another very stable high-cbd hemp cultivar with no measurable THC ( 0.3% or less) and with a few days shaved off its flowering period.

There will be a few more cultivars in the ratio and medicinal lines dropping into the seed shop over the next couple weeks.

And from the Recreational side… Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, C99, Stardawg BX3, Jack Herer, some fast Hazes, and several other new cultivars will be dropping into the shop shortly as well. I will get into MORE detail about those in my next update.

Stay tuned for my next post.