kick boot seeds

Kick Boot genetics comes to Oregon Green Seed

I’m super SUPER happy to welcome a local Oregon breeder into the Oregon Green Seed shop — Kick Boot Seeds, a truly ‘made in Oregon’ seed company.

And from the dried and cured Kick Boot gear I’ve been sampling lately, I’m confident that OGS customers are going to appreciate getting access to this breeder’s work.

Shan, the breeder and owner of Kick Boot Industries, has been working with our beloved cannabis plant for 30+ years.  Located just east of Salem, Kick Boot’s varieties will perform beautifully indoors AND outdoors (acclimated to the northern Willamette Valley for at least a decade).

quasar 2015 outdoorThe first Kick Boot seed drop was listed in the shop barely two weeks ago, and based on customer orders there is a real and growing interest in Shan’s genetics.  I’m already starting to get reports from customers saying they are getting great germination rates, and that they’re popping out quite robust seedlings.

I’m thrilled and honored to support and promote the good work coming from this conscientious, talented breeder.  And I hope to be able to offer more Kick Boot seed varieties in the very near future.

(Note to Kick Boot) Keep crack-a-lackin’ on those breeding projects.  We want more!