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New Products Update

Time for a quick update on a few of the new-to-the-shop cultivars recently added to the shop.

Blue Dreams – This is actually a release of four (4) different Blue Dream-ish cultivars, all worked for shorter flowering over at least two generations.  Then one final pollination with my Amnesia Hashplant.  You’ll notice a nifty drop down menu next to ‘add to cart’ button to make your choice amongst the four.

Santiam Skunk – The original Santiam Skunk is still here, but I’ve added two (2) additional options to choose from with SS x Two Dawgs, and SS x Amnesia Hashplant.

Two Dawgs – Two different BXs of the Stardawg cut,  then I combined them. I think its technically a Stardawg BX 2.5.

Girl Scout Cookies x Two Dawgs — Hey, growers can’t possibly have too many improved Girl Scout Cookies cultivars to choose from, right? Here’s a great one for quicker flowering, more resistance, yield, flavor, potency.

MEDICINAL – Wow, there is a healthy list of NEW-to-the-shop medicinal marijuana cultivars for you to choose from. These will have typically a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD in the range of 7-12% with some going higher. Medicinal cultivars in these ranges are what’s needed for pain, whether chronic or due to injury. Headache, arthritis, neuropathy, muscle strain, surgery, etc. Measurable THC is necessary to alleviate pain with cannabis. Nausea, despression, low energy, lack of focus, even low libido — have a little THC with your CBD and feel better.
A few examples of the 7 or so cultivars just released from our Medicinal line:
Gorilla Grape CBD
Danish CBD

Another medicinal cultivar is coming to the OGS seed shop along with its breeder, Santiam River Seed Company.  Keep your eyes peeled for Santiam River Seed Company’s Obsidian line.

No time to list all the new stuff right now.

Working to get the last of the new listings set up in the shop in time for the Black Friday sale.

When you visit the seed shop, Select “Newest” to filter the most recent additions into view to see them all.