Orders are open.

honey bee on sunflower

Ok People,

it took a couple weeks longer than I’d hoped, but…

orders are turned back on as of this morning (Saturday, 6/27).


1. At this time of year its difficult for me to be the office much during daylight hours.  Phone support will be minimal at best.  I will continue to answer all emails submitted from the contact page, but my reply window needs 72 hours instead of the typical 24.   This applies to all email, including online payment requests.

2. Shipping days will remain the same during this time – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

3. Stock is out on many items and getting low on others.  But like last year, customers can expect an extensive OGS shop Restock later this fall, ~ 12/1.   There should be at least a couple ‘new to the shop’ varieties added at that time as well.

Its hard to believe July 4th is barely a week away.   The next month, August, celebrates two years since Oregon Green Seed opened the online shop.   Wow, and YAY!

Stay safe out there this summer, and Happy Gardening.