Oregon Green Seed Headquarters Is Relocating

willamette valley farmlandOGS is Moving to Larger Digs

Back in June of 2014 it became evident that in order NOT to bottleneck the growth of Oregon Green Seed, I better start looking for a new location – a much larger space with a layout that is conducive to running perpetual breeding projects indoors.

I’m happy to announce that after nearly 18 months of searching for the right location, and the last 8 weeks negotiating the purchase…  I will be relocating Oregon Green Seed headquarters about 1.5 hours south of Portland, to the mid Willamette valley.

This move will allow me to run all my breeding projects from one location.  And with room to run multiple breeding projects indoors, I can UP seed production to the point that within 18 months of getting settled into the new location, customers will find that the dreaded ‘out of stock sad face’ will be a rarity for Oregon Green Seed Company’s genetics in the online seed shop.

I intend to keep the seed shop/shipping department open during this big relocation.  But when the office is moved, there may be a need to shut down orders for a week or more — the time it will take to move office equipment, set it up at the new location, and get a new internet service and the office systems up and running well together at the new location.

There will be a new mailing address for sending payment.   It won’t take effect until after June 1st.

Current payment instructions will be edited to reflect the new mailing address when the time comes.  And it will also be reflected on the ‘contact us’ page.

I will post another update on the relocation as OGS gets closer to the actual moving day.  Currently that’s estimated for June 1st.

OGS’s 3-year anniversary is coming up this August 2016.   Truckloads of thanks to all of you who have shown your support and helped to make Oregon Green Seed the success that she is in such a short time.