greenpoint seed company

Oregon Green Seed welcomes Greenpoint Seeds

I’d like to welcome Greenpoint Seeds to the Oregon Green Seed shop.

The first Greenpoint seed drop into the shop here at took place about three months ago now, with Greenpoints Monster Cookies and Polar Bear OG f1 crosses.

About two weeks ago another large Greenpoint drop occurred when I listed packs of Greenpoint’s Stardawg crosses into the shop.

Greenpoint’s work focuses on crossing very elite, rare, clone-only genetics – multiple female varieties to one male.   It gives folks a chance to actually get their hands on very hard-to-come-by genetics — the kind of stuff you just don’t see in the dispensaries or in most shops.

I have focused much of my work on getting things to work outdoors, so I’m happy to be able to offer such awesome genetics and more choices for you INDOOR growers.

Please visit the Greenpoint Seed category to get more information on what’s available.