bionic snowdog

Snow Ice Lost Power – Bionic Snowdog to the Rescue

Our faithful Bionic Snowdog has come in handy since we’ve been ‘off the grid’ and hunkered down with a power outage and freezing weather.

Oregon Green Seed headquarters has been stuck in a snow and freezing rain event since last Thursday (2/12/2021). We have had no power since last Thursday evening. And cell phone towers have been damaged rendering data and text transmissions unreliable.

Power is gradually being restored to the very rural areas around us and I expect to have the office back in power in another 24 hours.

I’ve just updated for payments received through yesterday – 2/15/2021. So automated email notifications for those payments have gone out to the customers. Check your email if you’re waiting for a ‘payment received’ order update.

Stuff happens. We cant control the weather. But orders will ship fast once I can print shipping labels.

Thanks for your patience.