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Sour Bubble is a very unusual Bubblegum phenotype Bog found in his Bog Bubble gene pool.  The Bogs loved this very indica clone so much that they spent over two years to find the perfect male to pair with her and make the Sour Bubble.

Medical.  Very medical. One of the very BEST cultivars to help alleviate even the most severe pain.
Flowers in 49 – 55 days.
Outdoors finishes approximately September 30th.

Sour Bubble produces very tight indica buds that typically run 25% THC and higher.  This rewards the user with long-lasting pain relief wrapped in a relaxing high.

Bog's Sour Bubble is faster flowering that most other kush types, with an 8 week flowering period indoors.  Outdoors Sour Bubble finishes on or about the end of September.  Its a great indoor strain, but it performs very well outdoors too.  But be aware that it can be prone to mold in wet and humid climates.

Available in packs of 13 regular seed.

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2 reviews for Sour Bubble

  1. Keegan (verified owner)

    Far and away the best indica ive ever cultivated.

  2. Joshua (verified owner)

    High quality seeds germinated at %100 and grew into stout little seedlings. High percentage of females to males compliments the high quality of these large and robust cannabis seeds. Being that I did not expect to have as many females as I ended up with I donated several girls to local medical farmers for their 2016 gardens. Everyone loved the growth patterns and aromas of Sour Bubble, however they all reported powdery mildew when raised outdoors even when kept out of the rain. Having said that I chose the “Queen Mamma” out of the pack I popped and she was hardly effected by the powdery mildew and even resisted the worm attacks quite well. The plant that I grew last year was an absolute freak in my opinion topping itself and even developing a “tail” that stuck out from behind and could be handled and wagged much like a large animal tail. HUGE fan leaves formed under the natural light outdoors within weeks of planting, some as wide as my chest and almost as tall as my abdomen. Very thick stalks and stems did hardly any stretching allowing the plant to finish only slightly larger than it started out flowering. Large slightly airy flowers developed all the way down the stalks eventually covering the whole plant. in tightly spaced flowers packed into super compact and stout hybrid type plant with both sativa and indica qualities. The flowers were finished by mid September and like I mentioned before resisted powdery mildew up until the very end while other “strains” around her were covered in mold and rotten buds from worms. The flowers shimmered in the evening sun with fat calyx and a nice leaf ratio. Silvery and completely frosted over flowers smell like sour lime and grapefruit when squeezed and dried to have a very distinct sour and kush flavor once dried and sampled. The effects seemed to take a few minutes to kick in however reward the grower/patient with a nice well balanced stone that leaves one lifted and euphoric while still mobile and agile. Dry lemon and lime flavors with a sour background and a heavy solid kush aroma to follow. Not the most potent plant in my garden, however the long lasting quality high is something to respect. Just a couple of tokes into a session actually sometimes makes me put the pipe down completely satisfied. The aroma left in the room after burned is pure bliss with tones of high quality kush, skunk and funk, dry sour lemon lime, hints of fuel and bubble hash. Sour Bubble is a nice alternative to many other varieties given it’s unique taste, aromas and effects.

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