Chinook Haze

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Sex: Regular
Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering: 63 – 77 Days
Height: Tall
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Genetics: Tangerine Haze (DHK cut) x Star Dawg

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Smoking Chinook Haze will make you think you’re on the beach in The Caribbean with a Tropical Daiquiri!

Tangerine Haze was bred in Amsterdam, but selected in the United States by the Devil’s Harvest Krew back in ’03-’04. The cross on Tangerine Haze is (G13 Haze x NYCD).

Several people from Devil’s Harvest Krew took packs of the G13 Haze x NYCD and popped then, compared females with the other growers, and narrowed down the phenotype pool to the one strain we know today as the Tangerine Haze.

Alone, Tangerine Haze is heavy on the Sativa side, but finishes pretty early for the amount of Sativa in her. She is done around 65 days, and will start to lose that citrus terpene profile the longer you take her, unless you want a heavier effect, and not so much worried about the smell and taste. She does like to have some room to stretch, but with the Star Dawg in the Tangerine Haze, expect to see a little less stretch on some phenotypes, and more resin production.

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  1. justinmaschinski

    grew 6 of these beautiful plants and most phenos 5/6 stayed under a foot tall (the other pheno grew to be 3 feet) and grew really bushy with giant buds really a beautiful looking strain also 2/6 plants regrew themselves after chop without changing light schedule also i got all females out of the seeds i germinated i didnt really notice a tangerine taste on any of them but one did smell like fruity pebbles really sweet most had a stardawg chemy funk scent still worth getting forsure

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