Yeti OG

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Yeti OG
(loompa farms Headband) x Polar Bear OG

Headband x Polar Bear OG (OG#17/Biker Kush x White OG)

Polar Bear OG, made by Karma Genetics, is a worked line of Hell’s Angel’s OG Kush sprinkled with Karma’s large yielding SFV/White project, the White OG V2.0.

Polar Bear OG is an exceptionally stellar representation of OG Kush. With quite large yields and super impressive potency it will add an Elite OG flair to anything its crossed to.

Flowering Time – ~ 9.5 – 10 weeks from onset of flower set.

10 seeds/pack

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3 reviews for Yeti OG

  1. Keegan

    2 cracked unbelievably fast, 8 hours of germinating and they were diving into their cubes.

  2. japsiljoe (verified owner)

    Currently in week 6 of flowering and couldn’t be more happier.Really nice Looking nugs and the smell is “AMAZING “.Will update post harvest LICKING MY CHOPS TILL THEN……..

  3. Verified Purchaser/Customer (verified owner)

    Excellent strain for beginners to your experts. I found one keeper out of my first 6. She was a beauty. I ran her for 2 yrs. My keeper leaned more towards the purple hues. Big colas. Nice branching all the way to the bottom. This strain does not grow many big fan leaves. Excellent for indoors. I get fat flowers all the way down. I just clip all the small stuff. Will give u a good yield with little nutes. Im a lite feeder. 1000Ppm max/need to go higher. Lol. But well well worth the money. Smells like chemmy gasoline. With a hint of sourness. Buy it when u see. Its headband on crack.

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