aka – Blue (Amnesia) Hash

Genetics:  Amnesia (Core's Cut)/Danish Gold X  Blue Satellite 2.2 (breeder Steve)

Indica/Sativa:  40/60

Flowering period: 53-62 days

Plant height: 4.5 – 7 feet

Mold resistance/Hardiness:  very good

Yield: medium high to high

Odor: low – medium

Potency: THC20% 8 out of 10    Bash is a 'velvet hammer' to the head.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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BASH is the result of crossing the mother – [Amnesia (Core cut)/Danish Gold] to the Blue Satellite 2.2 male.

Bash has a more 50/50 indica/sativa growth habit as compared to our Amnesia Hashplant.  That’s because BASH isn’t crossed back in to the Amnesia mom a second time (BX1) like our Amnesia hp.  Bash can also be grown indoors with relative ease and with great results (unlike our Amnesia Hashplant), thanks to the undiluted Blue Satellite (Breeder Steve) taming the ‘outdoor landrace’ tendencies a tad.

Bash also performs SUPER outdoors – She can be a beast in the garden, and exhibits above average resistance to molds and bugs.  Still a fast finisher too with a 7-8 week flowering time.  Put outdoors by mid May to June 1, harvest can start ~ 20th of September in northern Oregon.  She’s a fairly easy grower — not nutrient sensitive, resistant and robust, with good sturdy branching that holds above average yields of medium-dense flowers without staking.   Although in the final couple weeks of flower, heavy rains and strong winds can take her bud-laden branches to the ground.

Absolutely a strong and delightful stone with this one – potent and long-lasting.  After just 3-4 puffs of Bash you’ll feel a definite bash to the head.  Not rough or unpleasant, more like a velvet-soft hammer hitting your frontal lobes, then moving to an all-over head massage.  Starting cerebral easing into a relaxed body, yet social and happy effect.  Expect to be under Bash’s spell for 3-4 hours, maybe longer.  Yeah.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds


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