LEB x Quick Freeze


LEB x Quick Freeze

Genetics:  pure Lebanese landrace x Quick Freeze (mighty mite/Freezeland f9)
Indica/Sativa: 50/50
Flowering period: 42-50 days
Height: 4-7 feet
Yield: above average

If you’re a lover of the old-school genetics in Quick Freeze (Mighty Mite/Freezeland), but wish it would be a bit larger plant for a more bountiful harvest, then look no further.

Oregon Green Seed made this cross in an effort to UP the size of the Quick Freeze for better yields without lengthening the flowering period or losing the Piney goodness and effect that is Quick Freeze.

The Lebanese (mother) is an old landrace, very rare and difficult to get in its pure form since its all but extinct today. The beauty of the Lebanese is many fold.

* Its got a short flowering period – 6.5 to 7 weeks, without ANY ruderalis in its genes.
* Its very VERY resistant to mold and pests.
* And it can go BIG, impressively big for a quick finisher with yields to match
* Potency tends to be in the medium range for most specimens, and its known for producing CBD-rich pants.

These traits make the Lebanese landrace a super breeding tool for building a line of robust northern outdoor genetics with great yields and medicinal quality. So it was a no-brainer to use the Lebanese with Quick Freeze to produce bigger plants while maintaining all the goodness that makes the Quick Freeze so appreciated.

Results of this cross turned out better than I expected.

The potency of the Quick Freeze is all there, along with its piney, skunky flavor profile. But now its on a larger structure with better branching. Pest and mold resistance is bumped way up compared to the father, Quick Freeze. And you’ll notice a bit of red and pink coloration with some specimens, for more ornamental plants once in flower.

Recommended for OUTDOOR ONLY, this one can be difficult to keep in VEG indoors no matter your lighting schedule.  Although an experienced grower should, with some care, be able to start indoors and veg to size —  it may work better to germinate seed just a week or so before putting outdoors late May (northern oregon), or start from seed directly outdoors.

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