Oaxacan Iranian

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Oaxacan Iranian

Genetics:  70s era Oaxacan x Iranian Early Flower

Regarding the Oaxacan genetics — And old friend of ours had been holding these original Oaxacan seeds since the early 70s.  He offered them to us in hopes we could get some to crack and actually do something with these old genetics.  Most seed was past its prime, but we were able to get a useable number to germinate and thrive.

55/45 sativa/indica

Flowering period:  Harvest Outdoors by 3rd-4th week of September (northern Oregon)

Height: 4 – 8 feet

Yield: medium

Good mold resistance, easy grower.

Odor when growing: low/medium

Some plants/individuals will exhibit a more sativa growth habit, but overall plants tend to grow in a 50/50 indica sativa structure.  Likewise, some individuals will produce more UPbeat, energizing cerebral effects.  But overall plants produce flowers that offer a nice blend of sativa to indica in effect – a good 'anytime' medicine.

Available In Packs of ten (10) Regular Seed.

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  1. Jeremy Lee

    Was done well before others outdoors I believe end of August. Beautiful thick colas. A very strong effect. Relaxation with a soaring sativa effect, you can feel the indica effects and the sativa effects both at the same time. This can cut through any tolerance. It was too potent for me as I do not enjoy such strong sativa effects. Mold and pest resistance to match. Amazing job breeding this gem of a cultivar!!!

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