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Diesel OG

To create Diesel OG, I took my Supersonic (a beautiful gassy diesel) and crossed the Oregon Grown OG into it. Get ready for a fun time, because Supersonic/OGOG (Diesel OG) is a joy to grow. Both parents are very stable, being bred over several generations of selective breeding.

Plants do well grown indoors and out. Grow topped or Christmas Tree style. Outdoors, planted in the ground with plenty of root space, wind and sun, these can go big and yield 2 lbs or more. Plant height and size indoors is easily managed when necessary by topping and pruning.

Plant structure is solid – strong lateral branching with good internodal spacing, with a strong main stock – reliably supporting the fat pickle-sized, resin crusted buds that develop. Outdoors some specimens can get over 8 feet tall untopped. Bud density is medium/dense, what I consider perfect.

The Diesel OG is not a picky eater or finicky. Most specimens exhibit a slightly above-average appetite during veg. Both parents are done by end Sept outdoors, and after 8 to 9 weeks indoors under lights, so expect the same from their child, Diesel OG.

Genetics: Supersonic x Oregon Grown OG
Indi/Sat: 50/50
Height: 4-8+ feet
Yield: well above average indoors, outdoors 1-2+ lbs per plant (conditions dependent)
Flower P.: centered at 8 weeks
Potency: 8-9


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