Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

I have been working on a ‘faster blue dream’ 5+ years. Starting with my personal favorite ‘Blue Dreamish’ cultivars, I’ve added faster finishing, mold resistant Blue and Haze genetics to significantly shorten the typical flowering time of Blue Dream — the GOAL that it finishes on or before the end of September up here in northern Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Amnesia Hashplant male: The final step was pollenating them with my Amnesia Hashplant, known for shortening flowering time and toughening up anything its crossed with. It also add potency and resin and is a near pure sativa.

The seed mothers used in this project are centered on the genetics detailed below, and have been worked and selected over 2-4 generations.

I’m now offering the following choices — each one crossed to Amnesia Hashplant as a final step — for faster finishing and more resistant Blue Dream types:

Blue Dream (flower period centered at 8 weeks)
This stellar Blue Dream is originally from Humboldt Seed Organization out of California – Then, over 3 generations or parental selection for bud structure and worked for faster finishing before the final step — crossing to amnesia hashplant. THC 20%

Dream Lotus ( 8 weeks flowering)
Dream Lotus is originally from Bodhi, using his snow lotus male to pollenate a Blue Dream. I’ve worked and selected over 2 generations for faster finish and resin. Then crossed to Amnesia Hashplant. THC 24%

White Nightmare (longest flowering of this group – 56-65 days)
Originally from Sin City, the White Nightmare is the HSO Blue Dream crossed to a White Moonshine (The White/Blueberry) male. Now crossed to Amnesia Hashplant for faster finish and mold resistance. THC 24%

BC Blueberry x SSSDH/AH (shortest flowering of this group – 7-7.5 weeks)
Using an acclimatized Blueberry from British Columbia, I selected females and crossed them to my Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze male, I then bred to f3, selecting for size, bud structure, and overall performance for the outdoor grower. THC 20%

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seeds.

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Blue Dream Choices

Blue Dream, Dream Lotus, White Nightmare, BC Blueberry/SSSDH


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