Blue Pacific OG


Oregon Blue OG

Genetics: Iranian/Ghost OG (elite cut – Dr. Greenthumb)  X  Blue Satellite 2.2 (Spice of Life)

80/20 Indica Sativa

Height: 5-10 feet outdoors – easily kept shorter indoors

Flowering period: 50-60 days indoors –

Ourdoor harvest:   Starts September 10-15, when put outside May 15-June 1

Yield – high

Potency – 8.75 out of 10

Odor – medium low

10 regular seeds per pack

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Oregon Blue OG – this tasty dank is the result of outcrossing a super early-flowering Iranian landrace/Ghost OG (clone) to a Blue Satellite 2.2 male.  This was the first step in my effort to produce the Iranian/Ghost OG in regular seed form, as its potency and blazing fast flowering make it indispensable for Pacific Northwest growers.

The Blue Satellite daddy is a sativa blueberry variety from Spice of Life Seeds, out of British Columbia.

The outcome of this outcross has produced a hybrid that is highly worthwhile in its own right.

[(Iranian (early flower)/Ghost OG (elite clone))  X  (Blue Satellite 2.2)]

Pollinating with the Blue Satellite has produced some phenotypes with a  slightly increased potency over the already UBER potent Iranian/OG.  It also scaled plant size UP a bit, which has noticeably increased yield potentials.  And an additional flavor profile of dark berry and forest has been added to the earthy spice and locker room funk of the Ghost OG.

Hardy, robust, easy to grow.  Its not as prone to nutrient sensitivity or finickyness like Blueberry is known for.  Fair to good mold resistance ( If growing indoors be sure to provide plenty of air movement and low humidity once flowering begins, because buds will get large and thick when provided enough light).    Indoor flowering period is centered at around 55 days.  Outdoors, harvest can begin in the second week of September – usually well before the threat of wet fall weather here in northern Oregon.


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