Cindy’s Blue Cheese

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Cindy’s Blue Cheese

50/50 indica sativa

Flowering period:  7 weeks

Height – medium

Yield – medium/high


Genetics:  [(UK Cheese x (UK Cheese x Erdpurt/Danish Passion) ) X (Cindy 99/Blue Satellite)]

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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Cindy’s Bleu Cheese

What can I say?  There are many UK Cheese hybrids out there.  But likely none of them will consistently perform to the max outdoors as Cindy’s Bleu Cheese does.  Cindy’s BC starts with the original UK Cheese, PRE 2008.  The Exodus Cheese is a real knockout for taste and potency, but it is sensitive and picky about nutrients, temperature, and humidity/dampness.  Bottom line, it can be difficult to grow.

By out-crossing the UK Cheese to Swiss and Danish genetics, the flowering time is shortened, nutrient sensitivity and ‘mold magnet’ issues have been nearly eliminated.  Then crossed with our Blue Cindy male (C99 pineapple pheno x Blue Satellite 2.2),  its infused more flavor profiles, added some sativa UPness and even more potency.  Cindy’s Bleu Cheese is a robust happy camper grown indoors and especially outdoors – one that even newbies can grow to perfection.

Expect a fruity cheese danish flavor in the smoke, overall.  Some plants may lean towards the cheese profile in flavor, some may lean towards the pineapple, but its all got cheese and its all good.

This is another great choice for outdoor growing.  All plants should finish flowering well under 60 days, with most finishing around 52 days.  Odor is medium.  Plant height outdoors can reach 8+  feet if given the room.   In a 15 gallon pot I typically get plants 5-6 feet tall and nearly as wide.  Top, lst, scrog, or just leave untopped.  All growing methods work with Cindy’s Bleu Cheese.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds


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  1. stoneloco53 (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased, harvested second week of Aug. Taste and smell excellent. I germinated 5 seed and got 4 females….

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