Early Wonder Skunk

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Early Wonder Skunk

Genetics: Afghani/Thai x Hawaiian/Guatamala
Indica/sativa: 50/50
Flowering time: 7.5 – 9 Weeks
Height: Medium (4-5 feet)

These seeds are at f9 generation.

Early Wonder Skunk is an old outdoor variety that's been popular in the past with more northern outdoor growers. It disappeared for a while, but in 2011 I was able to acquire seed from a grower in northern Europe who loved it and kept it going and preserved.

There are two versions of Early Wonder Skunk — an autoflowering version (ruderalis in genetics), and a regular photoperiod version (NO measurable ruderalis). These seeds are regular photoperiod. But their genetics are fast and its been bred over many many generations for super northern outdoor performance and shortest flowering period.

Recommended for outdoors, above 43 north lat. can act like a semi-auto below 45 n. lat.

Plants generally stay smaller, under 5 feet in height with 3-4 feed typical for plants in pots. Easy growers. Can be topped. Grow well untopped, and most plants will naturally develop a rather large central cola. Elongated buds shaped like dill pickles with near perfect density. Resistant to cold and molds. Good yield. Medium to medium-high potency.

This is a great SKUNK for the northern oregon grower's personal garden, or for use as a breeding tool.

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1 review for Early Wonder Skunk

  1. gwilder131

    I originally bought Early Wonder Skunk in a downtown shop in Vancouver, guessing about 20 years ago. These were from Solar Warrior. I grew them for a few years, made good oil for medicine. The seeds I had were stored away and I planted the last of them this year. Got 4 females, out of the old seeds. They finish at the end of August in Saskatoon area (Canada). I have treated a couple with STS and am producing female seed from them. Also am using some pollen on some of my greenhouse plants, to make them mature earlier. They usually grow 3-4 ft high, nice tight buds and are not autoflower, just early flowering. I have recently smoked some and it is a long lasting, medium+ high. I recommend them. Get some when they come in stock here. You won’t be disappointed, in my opinion.

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