Girl Scout Cookies x Two Dawgs

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Girl Scout Cookies x Two Dogs

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Two Dogs
Indica/Sativa: ~ 50/50
Flowering: 8-9 weeks of 12/12
Outdoor: end sept – 1st week oct.
Height: med tall – 6-7 feet, some taller outdoors
Yield: average to above average –
High Quality

The Girl Scout cookies used here is a combination of two phenotypes typically known as the ‘mint pheno’ and the ‘forum cut’. Females of equal numbers of each pheno were pollenated with my Two Dogs male.

The Two Dogs male used is a combination of two Stardawg BXs I made, each using a different outcross.

Stardawg BX1 = Stardawg x ghost og (same used in Oregon Grown OG) – then BXed back to Stardawg x1
Stardawg BX2 = Stardawg x sour bubble – then BXed back to original stardawg x2.
Then I crossed these BXs together resulting in Two Dogs. You can think of it as a Stardawg BX 2.5

Fairly easy growing without the typical Girl-Scout-Cookies issues (mold, low yield, flimsly structure). Growers can expect a harvest of very desirable buddage.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.

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  1. planter

    My new favorite, love the flavor of this GSC strain Deb came up with & it was fairly easy to grow. It was a compact plant around 5 ft. In height w/ a good yield of attractive buds.

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