Gorilla Dawg

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Gorilla Dawg

Mother: a cross of GG#4 BX1 X GG#4 BX2

GG#4 BX1: GG #4 (cut) X ((GG#4 / Ghost OG (same used in Oregon Grown OG))

GG#4 BX2: GG #4 (cut) x (GG#4 X GG#4/Sour Bubble)


Father (pollenator): Two Dawgs

Potency: THC 22%
indica/sativa 20/70
Flowering: 60-65 days 12/12
Outdoor: on or before end Sept, with some going a few more days.

Available in packs of 10 regular seed.

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  1. planter

    Gorilla Dawg has been another hit for us in 2020 – 21, simple care requirements which provided a yield of really good buds which offer the desired results and a rich taste as well.

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