Lebanese Hybrid

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Lebanese (landrace) x Gorilla Grape bx2/Nepalese Rocket

Indica/Sativa: 60/40
Flowering period: ~6.5 to 8 weeks
Harvest out: on or before end Sept.
Height: med – med/tall
mold resistance: above average
Yield: above average to high
Potency: medium, medium high

CBD rich potential with both phenotypes, but expect higher cbd percentage with plants leaning towards the Nepalese, while select Gorilla Grape leaners will hover around 4-5:1 thc/cbd ratio.

Hardy, fast flowering, above average resistance.

I acquired the Lebanese (LEB) landrace to use as a breeding tool for some planned cbd and medicinal projects.  This is the first step in one of those projects.  The test grows show such nice plants at this stage, that I've decided to offer a limited number of packs for folks who need some thc (for pain) with their cbd.

The Gorilla Grape leaners will have a higher thc with a trace of cbd —  tending to hover around a 5:1 thc/cbd ratio.  The Nepalese leaning plants will have ratios hovering around  2:1 thc/cbd.

For Gorilla Grape phenos, look for tighter internode spacing on plants that develop a more stocky frame, as compared to the more sativa growth habit of Nepalese leaning plants.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seeds.

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  1. William

    Lebenese Hybrid is a fast finishing delight that treats the farmer and the patient equally as well. The plant is sensitive to photoperiods or at least I have observed so in 16 to 18 hours the plant can start pre flowering if nutrition isn’t spot on. Once finished in the middle of September one Phenotype produces coke bottle buds with a fuely grape pungency not seen by any grape strain I have ever had. Yield is average but quality is off the charts. Pictures of these buds will have your friends asking you if you are growing indoor :). As usual OGS’s reputation and quality hit the ball way out of the park and created a strain which is unique and very delightful in many of the ways we look at out plants. The only reason this isn’t a 5 star is the photoperiod sensitivity, if that isnt a worry for you this plant is a 5 star.

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