OG 99


OG 99

Genetics: Banana OG (Orgnkid)/Cindy 99 (Bros Grimm) X Forgetful Cindy
Potency: 21%THC
indica/sativa 40/60
Flowering period: 60-63 days 12/12
Outdoor: Harvest by end sept.

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OG 99 offers the best of both worlds: its fast flowering and quite potent.

The mother in this cross is now extinct. Originally created by ‘Dutchgrown Seeds’ and called OGer 99. Its been a personal favorite of mine. Thank you, DutchGrown.

Considering that both parents in this cross are legendary, it was a no-brainer to save this hybrid.

I found myself down to the last 8 remaining seeds. And of those, only one was viable. Lucky me, it turned out to be a beautiful female representation of the genetics. So, not willing to part with this cultivar, I pollinated with my Forgetful Cindy (Cindy 99 /Amnesia Hashplant), my Cindy also from original Bros. Grimm stock).

Flowering: 55-65 days (typically < 56-60 days is where I like it)

Outdoors these will be done by end of Sept.

Just one stellar female plant used for this pollination, so only a moderate quantity of seed were produced. Stock is therefore limited.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.


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