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Oregon Grown OG

Genetics: Ghost OG x Iranian Early Flower
Sex: regular
Flowering Period: 55-65 days
Height: medium to medium/Tall
Outdoors, some can go big
Yield: 400 gm. up to 3+ lb.

Oregon Grown OG is a faster finishing OG hybrid that can yield far, far better than typical OGs.   She’s also respectably potent, with lots of rich earthy forest and spice along with the locker-room dank funkiness the Ghost OG is known for – a real treat for your mind, body, and taste buds.

Our ‘OG OG’ is a robust grower and clones easily.  Her bud to leaf ratio is fairly decent too, which makes trimming easier.  She can be grown indoors, but she loves the LIGHT and will need all you can give her.  She really excels and reaches her full potential when grown outdoors under the sun.  With her short 55-65 day flowering time, its possible to harvest the earliest (Iranian-leaning) phenotype by first week September, when germinated indoors and put outside by May 15 – June 1.

The Iranian ‘early flower’ (father in this cross) was sourced from Dr. Greenthumb, S1 from original cutting.   The Ghost OG (mother),  in my opinion,  is the most flavorful of all the OGs out there and rivals the best of ’em for potency too.  The Iranian (early flower) brings better plant structure and increased bud size to the lanky and ‘so-so’ yielding OG.  It also adds a flavor profile of rich earth and spice,  and a much MUCH shorter flowering time — all without overshadowing the dank and desirable traits of the prized Ghost OG.

To recreate this awesome variety in regular seed form, stellar female plant specimens from original original Ghost OG were selected and outcrossed to the Iranian Early Flower.  Males were then selected from this outcross and used to pollinate back IN to the original mom for a true BX1.  Then three further breeding generations, each with selected males pollinating back to the original cut for BX 4.

Our test grows show you can expect these seeds to produce vigorous plants – easy growers with good branching that enjoy most growing methods – topped, christmas tree, sog.

This BX1 duplicates the original mom in plant structure, potency, and flavor profiles – just what we expected. 

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

4 reviews for Oregon Grown OG

  1. briteleaf (verified owner)

    Started 22 seeds. Seeds all popped quickly and started them under LED’s in March. Strong, growth with dark leaves did well. Matched daylight hours before planting them outside on May 15. Planted 3 in very large 20 gallon pots and 7 in the earth. The 3 in pots stayed very short and autoed. In early August, the 7 in the ground have been pinched once and are about 5 feet tall and 4 of them have already produced some outrageous looking buds. 3 others in the ground are just beginning to bloom. Am ABOVE the 45th latitude. The potted and the 4 will be harvested late this month, August. Expect the last 3 to harvest before the 3rd week in September. The stems are strong and are solid in blooming with no gaps or leggy buds.
    The plants are very robust with many branches of buds. Am very pleased with how heavy the buds are and this is just the beginning of August. The 3 potted plants are short but have produced heavy buds. After the massive blooming, the female buds swell and are covered with THC. The smell is not strong.
    Will not be able to sample for a few weeks yet but can readily tell that the quality of the cannabis is superior to what I’ve grown for many, many years before. Grew these outdoor plants where ALL other cannabis plants have shown signs of mildew in past years but these have shown no signs of it. Of course, our record, hot and dry July contributed.
    Recommend these seeds highly because of their short bloom and the large number of trichromes.

  2. briteleaf (verified owner)

    Followup of previous review after harvest, drying and cure. Oregon grown OG produced more per plant than any I have grown for decades. After donating to Oregon vets and everyone I know, I ended up dumping POUNDS of huge bud branches in the yard debris for composting. The smoke is sweet, smooth, and is excellent puffage. This has become my all-time favorite outdoor grow plant. Recommend most highly.

  3. jacktheknife

    ‘Oregon Grown og’ is my favorite weed.
    {It really is}
    Like Deb says it clones easily is fast and potent.
    Its not real tall and outside looks the least like weed of any strain I have ever seen. Not the big 5 fingered leaf but a three leaf plant short, bushy and not as noticeable. Even the color is different from other strains.
    Inside, a good size to grow under a 400w hps. I keep trying new strains but Oregon Grown og out-produces the others and its real strong.
    What can I say? It’s healthy as a hog and grows like Kudzu.

    Thank you…


  4. Zachary (verified owner)

    I had a germination rate of 100%, 11 out of 11 popped. I have been growing them for around a month and a half and I so far have 5 females, 3 males, and 3 to be determined. The plants look great. Extremely impressed with these seeds!

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