Quick Freeze


Quick Freeze

Genetics:  Mighty Mite x Freezeland f7

Flowering period: Indoor, ~ 49 days
Outdoor, September 1-12 @ 44-47N lat, possibly earlier

Height: short, short/medium

Yield: medium

Potency: 7

Odor when growing: medium

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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Quick Freeze – AKA: Mighty Freeze

Mighty Mite and Freezeland, the parents of this hybrid, are both long-established genetics that have been grown outdoors in Canada for decades.  Mighty Mite, the mother in this cross, is composed of genetics that originate in the Himalayas, which is likely why it performs so well at higher altitudes.  Both Mighty Mite and Freezeland have each become popular as breeding tools to bring down flowering time and add ‘weather resistance’ to less hardy cannabis cultivars.

Together, these varieties bring fast flowering time and a hardiness to cold and short season grow locations.  Quick Freeze is particularly suited to high-altitude grows, or outdoor growing conditions that experience plummeting nighttime temps, few hours of direct sun, and unusually early fall frost and snow.

Not recommended below 43N lat, or above 52-53N lat. Fairly sensitive to changes in photoperiod (why they are fast flowering), and possibility for autoflowering at lower lats or if started indoors without matching indoor light period to outdoor location at time of planting out.

Specimens of Quick Freeze typically stay fairly short – 3-4 to 4.5 feet max. But the occassional plant can go 6 feet or more.

the F5 generation OGS first offered of Mighty Mite/Freezeland was made outdoors in Denmark by Tanska Seed Company.

Three successive OGS breeding projects have brought our current Quick Freeze (made 2019) seedstock to F8.

Available in packs of 10 regular seed.