Strawberry Hybrid (Eirdbei)


Swiss Strawberry Hybrid

Erdbeer/Pupurea Ticinensis  X   (Jack Herer/Citral(kush)/Black Domina/Swiss Miss)

Flowering period: ~7-8 weeks
Harvest outdoors before end Sept (45-48 N Lats).
Height: short/medium – medium
Yield: medium
mold resistance: very good to high
Potency: medium to very good
CBD potential

Originally from the now defunct Dutch seedbank, Basic Seeds, who created and took it to f3 — this is a Dutch recreation of the old Swiss strawberry known as 'Erdbeer'. Erdbeer is a sativa dominant variety known for being a very good outdoor performer in colder/wetter climates, and for producing near rock-hard buds that hold up well to processing.  By utilizing the genetics of the father in this hybrid, Basic Seeds improved the potency and medicinal profile as compared to the original swiss 'erdbeer' without losing any of the 'performance' of the Erdpurt mother.

LaBuena Hierba took it two more generations, to f5. Tanska Seeds in Denmark took it to f7. And here (at f7) is where OGS acquired this hybrid. Since then, I've selected parents for sturdy structure and mold resistance for two more generations, with a 3rd generation currently underway.

Seeds offered here are at F9.

You'll find both sativa-leaning (Jack Herer) and indica-leaning (Black Domina) phenotypes. All plants will finish on or before the last week of September here in the Pacific Northwest.

A fairly easy grower for the outdoor gardener. I personally have not grown it indoors, but it should perform nicely indoors as well, although the smaller Black Domina leaners will be easier to manage for those with small indoor space or height issues.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seeds.

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