Sugar Cookies

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Sugar Cookies

Genetics:  [ Girl Scout Cookies (mint pheno) X  Sugar Chunk (Sugar Loaf (cannabiogen) x Chocolate Trip (Dutch Flowers)/Deep Chunk)]

Flowering period: ~ 8 weeks

Structure: Medium height, well-spaced internodes, medium to good branching

Yield: medium/high

Odor: low to medium

Potency:  9.5 (on a scale of 1 – 10)

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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Sugar Cookies – I think its a perfect name for this cross between two Girl Scout Cookie females to a very vigorous Sugar Chunk male.   The flavor and POTENCY of GSC has taken it from a passing fad to a “must have” in many green gardens.   But growers also have their complaints about the cookies.  So…

My initial goal with this outcross is simply a first step to get the Girl Scout Cookies in regular seed form.  Because having female AND male plants to work with allows me to do some selective breeding and hopefully eliminate some of GSC’s  negative growing habits — the two main gripes being low yield and susceptibility to molds.

Sugar Cookies will show improved resistance to powdery mildew and molds.  While mold could hit everything else in the garden, even protracted rain and wet won’t bring down the father of this cross, Sugar Chunk.   The Sugar Chunk male will also show his  effect with enlarged and slightly elongated buds, bringing the opportunity for higher yields.  Overall plant size will remain about 5-7 feet maximum, if topped once or left untrained.

Great for indoors.

Also very good outdoors below 47 north lat.  — Finishes by last week Sept to first week Oct.

After setting aside enough seed for my work, I decided to release the rest so more growers can get access to these unique and quality genetics.   And I initially decided that… When they’re gone, they’re gone.  But…

So many customers are raving about the Sugar Cookies, many are coming back and buying more packs after sampling their first harvest — I must admit this outcross has far surpassed  expectations.  I’ve decided this variety will be continued in my lineup.  In fact, Its currently at f3 and I’m preparing for the f4 generation breeding project.

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    A truly rewarding plant to grow! If I had known years ago that Sugar Cookies was such a phenomenal strain I would have been growing her this whole time cloning her, and telling everyone I know to do the same. Easy to grow plants with great branching, inter node spacing and nice thick trunks.

    Some plants even when very small had a definitive baked cookie or baked chocolate smell when the stalks and stems are rubbed. Sugar Cookies starts flowering as soon as the season begins to change, well before others, and finished around the second week of September. High yields are easy to achieve with organic methods and very little if any special attention to PH. Nice bushy Christmas tree shaped plants that required no excessive pinching, pruning or bending. Good powdery mildew resistance and even better mold and rot resistance. Nice dense buds with a high calyx to leaf ratio to say the least.

    Best of all, top shelf flowers that have a unique flavor and aroma. Smooth smoke fills the air with the scent of baked cookies, light floral and citrus notes, hash, haze-like hints and some culinary herbal notes. A real surprise to the pallet and the senses. Gummy, caramel tones remind me of Sugar Daddy, a long time favorite of mine. However Sugar Cookies seems to be more potent than Sugar Daddy with an even deeper flavor profile.

    The effects are dual toned, often producing a quick and pleasing stone, followed by a baked noggin sensation and a nice uplifting giddy feel. Great for severe headaches and anxiety without putting one to sleep. Makes me want to listen to music, talk about the past, think about the future, or watch a good movie. If only I had grown Sugar Cookies years ago. What else is there to say besides bravo Oregon Green Seed!

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