Forgetful Bruce

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Forgetful Bruce

Genetics: Bruce Banner (strawberry diesel/og kush) x Amnesia Hashplant
Indi/Sat: 30/70
Height: 4-6+ feet
Yield: above average
Flower P.: 7 1/2 – 8 1/2 weeks
Potency: Potential for some mind-melting specimens

Crossing Bruce Banner with my ~ 52 day flowering near pure sativa, Amnesia Hashplant has been burning a hole in my mind for almost 4 years – ever since I crossed a Strawberry Diesel cut with Ghost OG to create my Bruce Banner.  The strawberry diesel came from an old PNW grower who has been growing it and breeding more of it for over ten years, selecting for structure and potency and shorter finish times respectively.

The Ghost OG is the same OG I used in creating Oregon Grown OG – its one of my two favorite OGs and I love her for her initial UPlift and talkative, giggly fun effect. She has a very noticeable sativa effect on the first part of the flight, then settles into a focused, clear but relaxed happy place for the remainder of the trip.

Bruce Banner has a flowering period of 9 to 11 weeks indoors.  Outdoors it needs to go into mid October, or later depending on the grow conditions in your location (hours of direct sunlight, average ambient temps, grower controlled conditions).  That’s too long for Oregon outdoor growers.

To make the Bruce Banner a realistic choice for outdoor growers here in the Pacific Northwest, I chose my Amnesia Hashplant (near pure sativa) as pollinator. The Amnesia Hashplant makes anything it is crossed with better – sheds 10-14 days on average OFF the flowering period, adds more resin, adds more resistance to mold and pests, makes the resulting progeny able to better withstand the colder damper conditions we see here in the PNW when summer is begins to leave.

Forgetful Bruce will bring all that the Bruce Banner is famous for, but in a faster finishing, more resistant package.

In limited supply – get it while it available.

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  1. planter

    I grew one Forgetful Bruce in 2021 and found it to be easy to care for and it was tough enough to get through early fall storms.
    It was a good producer of nice round buds and is a very smooth smoke with nice effect.

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