Forgetful Cindy


Forgetful Cindy


Mother — Cinderella 99 (Bros. Grimm) pineapple pheno
Father — Amnesia Hashplant [(Amnesia Haze (Core cut)/Danish Gold) X (Amnesia (Core's)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite]

Indica/Sativa – 10/90

Flowering time: 7.5-8 weeks (52-58 days after flowering begins)
Outdoors: On or before end Sept.
Height: 4-7 feet
Yield: medium, medium/high

I crossed my pure C99 pineapple pheno mom to the Amnesia Hashplant several yearss ago. I just wanted 200 seed for testing purposes, which is what I got. I grew a dozen plants from that seed (sensi) and it turned out to be amazing — my favorite wake-n-bake and a great daytime medicine for a busy person.
Being one of my top favorites AND wanting to get it in the hands of my customers…

Since then, I’ve made three more generations of Forgetful Cindy, 2014 F2s, 2016 f3s, 2017 f4s.

The addition of my near pure sativa Amnesia Hashplant really ups the mold resistance for most specimens, making it possible to grow it with stellar results outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest. It has also visibly upped the resin production. Later in flower, Forgetful Cindy’s buds sparkle and shimmer in the sun. And although the effect is very UPlifting and energizing as C99 is known for, the confusion and ‘chase your tail’ effect so common in the first 5 minutes after inhaling Cindy has been taken out of the equation.

Forgetful Cindy is a fairly easy plant to grow, and it yields an above average bounty of medium-dense buds of very high quality.

If you are a sativa lover and/or uplifting 'wake and bake' fan,  having Forgetful Cindy in your garden will give you an uber-pleasing harvest outcome.

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