Forgetful Girl


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Forgetful Girl

AKA, Forgetful La Nina

Genetics:  La Nina (Mr. Nice) / Amnesia Hashplant
Indi/Sat: 30/70 – 20/80
Height: 4-8 feet
Fowering Period: centered at 60 days
Yield: Above average. Can go big outdoors
Growth: Topped or untopped

Forgetful Girl – Her Story

I started working with some long-flowering sativas in 2020 – flowering periods of 12-14 and some 16 weekers. My goal with these is to shorten their flowering times down to something reasonable for Pacific NW outdoors while keeping all the flash bang gourd popping magical trippiness of these sativas. Creation of Forgetful Girl is actually a first step in working with one of these old-school sativas.

I made this cross pairing La Nina (Mr. Nice) with Oregon Green Seed’s Amnesia Hashplant to then select stellar males from this cross to pollinate some Mullumbimby Madness X Neville’s Haze #21 (Neville’s favorite of all his hazes). Since La Nina is a cross of Mullumbimby Madness and Black Widow, its a potent mind bomb just on its own. But IMO, it is also a sensible and time-saving choice to combine with the awesome Amnesia Hashplant for this project.

La Nina is stated to have a flowering period of 9-10 weeks. I have found it to be every bit of ten weeks and more, rare phenos not withstanding. So with the addition of Amnesia Hashplant, we can expect most specimens’ flowering period centered at 8 1/2 weeks.

Forgetful Girl grows topped or untopped. And outdoors, given enough root space, sun, and wind, some specimens could go big (over 8 feet tall and wide) thanks to the Mullumbimby Madness Haze genetics.

Not a huge breeding project since Forgetful Girl was made specifically to use it as pollinator in another breeding project… seed quantity is limited. But I felt it important to get at least SOME packs into the shop and into the hands of my customers.


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