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Outback Haze

Outback Haze Genetics: Aussie Deadhead (Connoisseur) / Amnesia Hashplant
Aussie Deadhead ( Mullumbimby Madness/Neville’s Haze #21 X Casey Jones)
Indi/Sat: 25/75
Flower P.: 57-63 days
Yield: well above average
Height: Can go big – especially outdoors
Potency: potent – some specimens will kick your ass into next week

I am a big fan of the genetics in Aussie Deadhead., but even with adding Casey Jones to the Nevilles #21/Mullum did not get it to finish outdoors here in Oregon.

So…   The one and only purpose of creating Outback Haze was to shorten the flowering time to an end of September outdoor harvest here in northern Oregon (45 N Lat). And do it without stepping on ANY of the awesome qualities of the Aussie Deadhead, including dimishing any sativa percentages.

My amazing near pure sativa and quick finisher – Amnesia Hashplant – to the rescue… the perfect selection for pollen donor.

He did his job.  In fact growers may find a specimen or two that will be ready to chop BEFORE the end of September.  But typically, the flowering period has been reduced from 9.5 – 10 weeks to now being centered at 8 weeks. – 56-60 days.

Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.





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