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She Devil OG

She Devil OG was created by crossing She Devil with Oregon Grown OG. Its a cross I’ve wanted to make ever since I created each parent. And now with the parents up to at least f6 generation (seed), they will produce very robust and stable plants from this new F1 hybrid.

Expect an easy grower, newbie friendly hybrid. Yet experienced, skilled growers can push her to her highest potential with little extra effort. Works indoors and out, topped or untopped.

Outdoors, planted in the ground and given plenty of root space, sun and wind… these can go big, similar to Diesel OG or Oregon Grown OG.

She Devil adds sativa to this cross, a skunkiness with slight floral, along with a slightly faster flowering time. Oregon Grown OG brings rich forest floor/spice and locker room funk along with its robust lateral branching and sturdy structure (not that She devil is a slouch in this area).

Yields well above average, with most specimens capable of yielding up to two pounds outdoors with the proper outdoor conditions stated above.

Genetics: She Devil x Oregon Grown OG
Indi/Sat: 40/60
Height: 4-8+ feet
Yield: above average
Flower P.: centered at 8 weeks. Indoor 8-9. Outdoor 7.5-8.
Potency: 8+

1 review for She Devil OG

  1. planter

    The addition of the OG genetics really boosted the flavor of the She Devil strain IMO. The plant grown this past year suffered 2 early storms & had to be trellised to finish but the amount harvested & the quality this plant will returns is well worth the effort.

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