Gorilla Grape BX3


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Gorilla Grape BX3 – f5

Genetics: Purple Urkel x Double Purple Doja
Flowering period: 53-60ish days
Height: 3-4 feet, outdoors can go large
Yield: well above average
Potent, good for pain, VERY good for pain, and good for relaxing.
Mostly purple phenotypes.

Starting with pure and original Gorilla Grape cuts from “Outlaw Genetics”  – a very closely held cut of the clone-only Outlaw combination of a Purple Urkel female crossed to a Double Purple Doja male.

After 6 plus years of work to get this rare and awesome cut into seed form, and at BX3 (crossed back into the original Gorilla Grape cut x3), I have healthy Gorilla Grape plants sprouting from SEED — Plants that look and grow exactly like Outlaw’s original cut.  YAY!

Outlaw lost his cuts and most of his stock when he was busted some years back. So, original Gorilla Grape has been out of circulation, extinct for well over a decade. My goal has been to get this variety in seed form so more of the people that NEED it can get access to it. Making this release in seed form rather monumental.

Its been a lot of work and a long time coming to finally get here with the Gorilla Grape.

Easy for beginners to grow and end up with ‘awesome’… experienced growers can bring out even more of her hidden, special qualities.

Gorilla Grape is such an amazing variety for both medical and recreational.  Its also a robust grower with a fairly quick flowering time (~52-55 days).  It flourishes both indoors and out.  In fact, it does very well outdoors here in Oregon.

As for availability — There are just 22 packs of fresh f5 generation seed I’m releasing (bx3 f5). And since I’m winding down preparing to retire from full-time breeding and development in the not too distant future…
Once these GG seeds in the shop are sold out, they won’t be back.