Lily Koi

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Lily Koi

Genetics: Green Crack (original cut from 'Cecil') BX1  F5

Lily Koi, better known as 'Green Crack', but also dubbed 'cush' and 'lily koi' by Cecil and his peeps.

Worked by me for several generations to stabilize for this selected phenotype and get it into regular seed form.

Indica-dominant growth habit (not stretchy like typical sativas) with a sativa, uplifting effect.

My Lily Koi is special — more densely structured phenotype of the sativa-dominant Green Crack.   Her flowers grow fatter, rounder, and a bit more dense than the typical more elongated flowers of Green Crack.   Her more dense structure makes her easier to control indoors when space is at a premium, while outdoors she is a super performer.  Outdoors, some Lily Koi specimens can go BIG when started early and given plenty sun, wind, and root space.

Even though my Lily Koi is a less-stretch pheno of Green Crack,  her yield does not suffer for it thanks to her ideal internode spacing resulting in fat, medium/high density buds on a well-branched and bushy framework.

Flowering Period: 7-7.5 weeks
Harvest outdoors by 3rd week September (northern Oregon)

Height: 4.5 – 7 feet  (topped/untopped)
Yield: above average, medium-high
Odor: low, low/med

Good resistance to mold and pests.  Good potency and great anytime medicine.  Easy grower.

Available in packs of 10 regular seeds.

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9 reviews for Lily Koi

  1. steve (verified owner)

    So far, Lily Koi looking awesome. Short, indica structure,very healthy and hardy looking.

  2. steve (verified owner)

    Love the looks of this strain. Have 8 going outdoors . Almost everyone looks identical in the way they grow. Very bushy, short,(4-5 ft), vigorous as hell, and lots of chutes. Can’t wait to see them finished. Just starting flowering about a week ago.

  3. aaron.ak01 (verified owner)

    Long time grower of other plants, first time grower of cannabis. Lily Koi seems really vigorous and hardy. Popped seeds mid January and vegged as long as possible. Noticed first real sign of flowering on August 1st so I’m nearing the end of week seven from that point. I thought they would be finishing up by now but they still have thick white hairy heads so I’m starting to worry if they will finish.

    • Deb

      Get a jewler’s loupe and look at the resin glands, NOT the ‘hairs’. Its the trichomes (resin glands) that determine ripeness. Hair has nothing to do with it. The LC should definitely be done by the end of Sept with a rare specimen going into the first week of october (very very rare). The Lily Koi in my own test gardens will be chopped down Sept. 30th.

  4. Laurie (verified owner)

    Thought I would add my two LC outdoors are about three weeks from being finished, as they were one of the last to show signs of flower (Aug. 15-20). They have no amber trichomes yet, all cloudy and some clear. Both plants show long dense buds, all uniform in shape – about 5 feet tall. Smell is mango with a hint of lemon. In my experience Green Crack is an early finisher (end Sept.), so this was a longer flower time than expected.

    • Deb

      Laurie, not sure what your latitude is. But outdoor flowering time is based on 45n lat. And I take the Lily Koi with as close to NO amber as I can manage. I’m pretty busy at harvest time, and sometimes I can’t get to her in time to harvest where I like her best… 60-65% milky, the rest clear.

  5. Laurie (verified owner)

    I will keep that in mind, thanks for the reply! I am trying to achieve at least 75% amber, ideally 90%.

    • Deb

      With a pure indica and/or indica dominant variety, 75% amber (and higher) can make total sense. Generally, Indicas are not ‘past their prime’ with that much amber – many are just reaching their prime at that percentage. However, the Lily Koi is a sativa dominant variety, and the amber percentage you are trying to achieve is not ideal for sativas. That much amber puts sativas ‘past their prime’, and significantly so. Additionally, if you are holding up harvest for 75-90% amber, then absolutely your flowering period will be way longer than what I specified in the strain description. A sativa or sativa dominant may only be able to attain 30-40% amber if left to go way way long.

      Is there a particular reason (medical or otherwise) why you’re trying to achieve 90% amber with this sativa dominant variety?

  6. Laurie (verified owner)

    Mostly as an experiment due to your ‘indica dominant pheno’. I have a preference for experimenting with longer flower times and would like to see what she can do when pushed to 60+ days. Personal experience with ‘regular GC’ informs me 60 days does nothing.

  7. kennrod (verified owner)

    First timer here but with gardening skills and some knowledge of the subject. I planted six in the ground around June 1st in Northern Oregon. Two went male and got yanked, of the four females, 1 was small, 1 was tall and lean, and two were massive. It is a hearty plant but the harvesting is tricky and unlike other plants I’ve seen in the past. It’s the first week of Oct and hardly any of the pistils have turned red. Under the microscope I have about sixty percent cloudy and 40 percent clear trichomes. I’ve heard ten percent amber is ideal. I would rate the odor as between medium and high, even as young plants they had a skunky smell. I know the rainy season is about a week away so I’m going to let them bask in the sunshine a few more days.

  8. Joshua (verified owner)

    I first ordered Lily Koi for my brother who suffered from back pain. He is a huge fan of Green Crack so I decided that he ought to have the Oregon Green Seed version for Christmas. We sprouted them early February and ended up ordering several more packs each due to the impressive germination rates and vigerous growth. After popping around 4 packs of seeds we ended up with about 60% females under optimal conditions. We planted 13 Lily Koi females total between the two gardens and donated the rest to freinds. Out of all of those ladies we basically had two main pheno types. One large green pheno that produced handsome full bodied nuggets that reeked of piney mangos. The other a shoter yet nice producing purple pheno, that had bright orange hairs set against magenta and purple buds and leaves the taste more of an acrid sweet kushy spice. Both types very bushy and beutiful. The potency and yield of all plants was also very impressive. Most plants after a full 10 week flower outdoors produce a heavy body high buzz in the legs, and a gentle alert and interesting head high. Some sort of give you a giddy sensation, others a calm focus. The effect from both pheno types works well for knee pain and stomach disorders. Great vigor and uniform plants. No surpise crazy legs sisters. All plants had great tight internode spacing, fat trunks, big healthy leaves and they all smelled of skunky ganja even at a foot tall. Most plants were planted in small raised beds that contained around 60 gallons of soil. On Average the green Lily Kois ended up 5 to 6ft tall and the purple ones ended up 4.5ft each. Given larger root zones these plants could have gotten much much bigger. One more thing that impressed me about the Lily Koi is her ability to handle stress. NOTHING fazed these girls. Not even light interuptions at night all thru flowering. No stress, no hermaphodites. Perfect plants.

    • Deb

      Wow, Josh… great post. And helpful to others, too, regarding growing the Lily Koi in the southern part of the state.

      You were one of my first online customers. Thank YOU so much, and for sharing your experiences with OGS genetics.

      Best wishes for the new year.


  9. William

    This plant is commercially ready. What I mean by this is that this plant will take anything thrown at it. Many have thought of green crack as an overly fruity frosty buds, after having seen the greenhouses version of gc I was pretty skeptical of the efficacy of a strain that is supposed to dominate in every garden. 3 years ago this plant took up 12 of my patients slot. I was impressed by the early vigor and mango like smells. Some of the phenotypes were earlier than others but for the most part every plant had at least 1 to 2 foot long colas, dense as stone, and a smoke that just wouldn’t quit getting the user more and more medicated no matter how much you smoke. All 12 plants yielded incredibly well. The next year I grew the phenotypes I loved and had a lovely harvest of this wonderful strain. I have kept many of these seeds in order to never lose the genetics locked into this strain. OGS did magnificent work and should never be doubted.

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