Triple Diesel


Triple Diesel

Mother — Double Diesel
Father — original nycd/Deb's Diesel

pOTENCY: 22%
Indica/Sativa: 55/45
Flowering: 8 weeks
Harvest Outdoors – end of Sept. in PNW
Height: 4.5 – 7 feet
Some plants will go larger outdoors.
Structure: solid well-spaced branching on bushy structure

The mother in this cross is our Double Diesel, a very easy plant to grow that yields VERY well and finishes usually before the end of September in Oregon's northern Willamette Valley.

I pollenated a big-boned Double Diesel female with a pure diesel — the New York City Diesel (from original cut) pollenated with my long-time favorite NYC Diesel pheno — resulting in Triple Diesel.

Structure will be solid, unlike the flimsy branches of most typical diesel plants. And bud structure will have a bit more girth to them. This is in keeping with our Double Diesel. However, growers will find a slightly higher percentage of plants that when cured have the taste and effect of the New York or East Coast Diesel.

Triple Diesel will perform very well indoors and out. Triple Diesel can take about 4-5 days longer to finish than our Double Diesel, but most plants will be ready to harvest by end of September under typical Pacific Northwest conditions, with a few going into first week October.

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