Forgetful Jack


Forgetful Jack

Genetics: pure Jack Herer x Amnesia Hashplant
Potency: 22%THC
Indica/Sativa: 80/20
Flowering period: 56-65 days
Outdoors: by end Sept. (northern Oregon) a rare specimen may go into 1st week Oct.
Yield: well above average. Outdoors with plenty root space, wind, and sun, these can go big.

Forgetful Jack brings a second ‘Jack Herer’ hybrid into the Oregon Green Seed lineup. Forgetful Jack will take just a few more days to finish flowering than our Fast Jack, but its ready for harvest in northern Oregon before the threat of bad weather starts. Forgetful Jack typically produces larger plants than Fast Jack, resulting in bigger yields.

A very accurate representation of Jack Herer, in a faster finishing, more robust package. The Amnesia Hashplant also ups the mold resistance, which is already fairly good with the sativa dominant Jack Herer.

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