Sour Grape Ape Kush

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Sour Grape Ape Kush

Genetics: Sour Grape kush (grape ape/chem 2008 X purple kush/chem 2008) X Bubba Kush s1
Potency: THC 25%
indica/sativa: 95/5
flowering: ~ 9 weeks 12/12
Outdoor: end sept. – first week oct.
height: 4-6 feet
yield: medium

Some very elite and extremely rare genetics here, folks.

The Bubba mom is from seed made by selfing an awesome
bubba Kush female with exceptional traits — great structure, not too finicky, quintessential flavor bomb and superb effect.

The Sour Grape Kush dad was never available to the public, held tightly in an even tighter close circle, and is now extinct (except for a small stash from my f4 generation seed stored in my vault).

With plenty of purple in its genetics, growers will see a number of purple plants out of a pack of these seeds. Buds can get thick and dense, so be careful to mitigate for mold late in flower if growing in humid or damp locations. It does well outdoors, otherwise… particularly in drier, mediterranean-type climates. And Sour Grape Ape Kush is a perfect candidate for indoors.

Expect a flavor bomb of Bubba and Chem, with a bit of grape wine in the mix. Bubba usually dominates in most plants, but a certain percentage will be a 50/50 blend of both parents, with a rare plant or two leaning to the father's side.

Limited packs.
Sold in packs of 10 regular seed.

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  1. Steven Mural jr (verified owner)

    Excellent genetic makeup. I can guarantee funk. Deb really takes precision when pollinating the strains to select a fire strain. That most companies would not take the time to keep making the original seeds better. With Deb. U can always know it’s the funky monkey that will never disappoint.

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