Turkish Star


Turkish Star

mother: Turkish (Dr. Greenthumb, now called ‘Turkish Delight’)
father: Two Dawgs (BX of the Stardawg cut)
Potency: THC 23%
indica/sativa: 80/20
Flowering: ~60-65 days of 12/12
Outdoors: most ready by end Sept.
Height: medium tall – 5-7 feet
some will go bigger outdoors
Yield: medium high to high yield for size of plant

Available in packs of 10 regular seed

I suspect that Dr. Greenthumb’s Turkish Delight was hybridized from a Turkish landrace. But since there is no genetic info on Dr. G’s site or seedfinder, I won’t speculate further about what its genetics are.

I found the Turkish Delight to be a fairly easy growing plant. A little slow to get going, it does finally start to bulk up nicely once flowering begins. And that’s when you can really see some good, strong structure taking over. Grows fairly typically for an indica dominant. Finished flowering for me by the end of September outdoors here in northern Oregon, both grows. I just didn’t care for the smell or taste all that much. So…

I found a particularly resinous, potent Turkish specimen that I pollenated with Two Dawgs male to fix the smell and taste issue for me. Wow! Again, Stardawg does its magic.

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