Two Dawgs


Two Dogs

Genetics: Stardawg BX2 x Stardawg BX1

Potency: THC 24%
Indica/Sativa: 75/25
Flowering: 59-65 days of 12/12
Outdoor: most plants done by end Sept.
Height: medium, medium tall – 4.5-7 feet
Yield: above average

Two Dogs is the result of crossing two Stardawg BXs together – Stardawg BXs that I made using two different different pollen donor — a Stardawg BX1, and a Stardawg BX2.

Besides one being BX1 and the other at BX2… See the outcross pollen donors used below:

Stardawg BX1:
Step 1 – Stardawg cut x Ghost OG (same used to make Oregon Grown OG)
Step 2 – Stardawg Cut x Stardawg cut/Ghost OG (seed from step 1)

Stardawg BX2
Step 1 – Stardawg cut x Sour Bubble
Step 2 – Stardawg cut x Stardawg cut/Sour Bubble
Step 3 – Stardawg cut x (Stardawg cut/Stardawg x Sour Bubble) seed from step 2

This work has resulted in seed that produces awesome, epid plants — awesome growth structure, bud structure and density, a short flowering period (done by end Sept outdoors in northern Oregon), BEYOND AWESOME flavor, and an effect that lasts for several hours.

As a breeder, I think of Two Dogs as a Stardawg BX 3.

And pretty much as close to an exact replica of the original Stardawg cut as one can get in SEED form.

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