Amnesia Hashplant

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Amnesia Hashplant

Genetics: [(Amnesia Haze (Hy Pro cut)/Danish Gold) X (Amnesia (Hy Pro)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite (Breeder Steve)]

Not recommended for indoors.

Indica/Sativa:  20/80  very sativa

Flowering period:  ~ 52 days.

Outdoor Harvest:  3rd week of September ( ~ 44 N. lat, northern hemisphere)

Height: medium – 4-6 feet

Yield: above average for both taller and shorter pheno.

Odor: low

Potency: THC20% 8/8.5 out of 10

Effect: UPbeat, energizing, feel good medicine

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

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Amnesia Haze hybrid - Amnesia Blue

Amnesia Haze hybrid

Amnesia Hashplant

  Amnesia Hashplant is a potent, sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid that produces  buds sticky with resin and glistening with trichomes within a mere 7 week flowering period.  Not recommended for INDOORS.  And outdoors,  harvest is as early as beginning of September when put outside by mid May to June 1st..

 Its genetic makeup is Amnesia (Hy Pro’s cut), with added Swiss and Danish landrace genetics — a hybrid created and worked by Esben, the amazing grower/breeder from Hybrids from Hell, in Denmark.  It was then outcrossed to Blue Satellite 2.2 (SOL) , then crossed back into the original Amnesia hybrid. What results are > 70% sativa plants, but with a much MUCH shortened flowering time than typical Anmesia.   The buds are so loaded with resin, they’re glistening white.  Great for making dry sift or bubble hash.

Yields can be quite high for the medium size of these plants.  And quite potent, too.

Amnesia Hashplant performs best when grown outdoors under the sun.   In fact, its difficult to grow indoors because its hard to keep it from going into flower.  It contains lots of northern outdoor/landrace genetics on its father’s side, and has been acclimatized for decades to northern outdoor climates.  So its extremly sensitive to changes in photoperiod.  And it doesn’t like its roots to be crowded.

So, if you’re an outdoor grower and you like an energizing, upbeat, motivating sativa effect from a high-yielding plant that’s easy to grow… You really can’t go wrong with Amnesia Hashplant.

Genetics:  [ (Amnesia (Hy Pro cut)/Danish Gold) x (Amnesia (Hy Pro)/Danish Gold x Blue Satellite) ]

* available in packs of 10 regular seeds

2 reviews for Amnesia Hashplant

  1. spankyh

    Excellent for indoors growing. I was amazed with their growth. I didn’t need any extra support or netting. Golfball size buds. Sweet skunky aroma coated with crystals with a strong energetic sativa high. Excellent for pain and stiffness.

  2. Joshua (verified owner)

    Amnesia Hashplant is by far one of the most amazing plants that I have grown. Germination rates have always been %100 with a nice ratio of females to males. Huge vigorous leaves quickly develop often over shadowing the plants around them. Nice branching and well spaced nodes all thru veg stages make way for an explosion of sativa dominant blossoms once flowered. The flowers set very quickly and calyx production is big and fast. Large sticky and completely frost coated buds sparkle and shimmer in the sun while other plants will still be developing flowers. Grown organically Amnesia Hashplant yields very well and rewards growers will high quality flowers from top to bottom. I have donated several Amnesia Hasplants to friends who report the same thing. The first to start flowering and the first to be harvested. One friend who feeds heavy and almost daily with regular commercial fertilizers reported excellent results.
    The plant I donated to him ended up flowering well before his other varieties with almost yardstick sized colas shooting out in every direction.
    Intense flavor profiles as well as complex and alluring aromas such as citrus, hints of pine, incense, hard candy, high caliber hash, hints of pepper, haze and spices fill the air upon combustion. The effects depend on the harvest. Early harvest will produce giddy uplifting and very inspirational sensations. Lingering effects are nice and allow one to stay fluid in motion.
    Conversation stimulating effects that seem to last well beyond the “stone” and can lead physical activities if one is so inclined. Later harvest does seem to shave a layer off of the terepine profiles as well as some of the stimulating effects. Making me wonder why anyone would do such a thing?
    Amnesia Hashplant is by far one of the most amazing strains that I have tried and one of my favorites in the Oregon Green Seed catalog. I highly recommend it for outdoor growers.

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