Cinex bx


Cinex bx1

Genetics: Cindy 99/Vortex X Forgetful Cindy (C99 (Bros. Grimm) x Amnesia Hash)
35/65 Indica/Sativa
Height: 4-6 feet
Yield: high
Flowering: 52-56 days
Outdoor: on or before end SEPT.

Cinex originated in the Pacific Northwest – Vancouver, Wa. It was the result of a Cinderella 99 getting pollinated by a Vortex (Sub Cool) male. Rumor is that it was an accident. But its been popular ever since.

OGS has pollinated the Cinex with the Amnesia Hashplant, whose genetics is half Cindy 99. So technically (horticulturally) this seed offering is a BX1 of the original Cinex hybrid.

Cinex is a sativa dominant cultivar that greets the user with a very uplifting, focused, creative, and EUPHORIC experience. Although its considered recreational with no appreciable CBD, its mood elevating and uplifting nature makes it very useful for depression, PTSD, anxiety, adhd, bipolar disorder, etc.

THC ranges anywhere from 18-24% depending on grower skill and grow conditions. The THC levels of Cinex make it very useful as a painkiller.

Packs are very limited.
Available in packs of ten (10) regular seed.

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